Maddy Thorson
Maker of Games

When I was a kid I made small indie games in Game Maker and Flash. Now I work with small teams of friends to make games for consoles and PC. This page lists most of the games I've worked on.

The moniker "Maddy Makes Games" doesn't really make sense anymore, because it implies that I'm still doing this alone. That's definitely not true anymore, but I keep this site around for posterity. My friends and I started EXOK after Celeste, and that's where our work lives now. Lately my roles have included: designer, director, gameplay programmer, and writer.


w/ Celeste Team

Released: January 25, 2018
Mountain Climbing Platformer

A single-player platformer about climbing a mountain. Released for PC, Switch, PS4, and XBox. Made with Noel Berry, Amora Bettany, Pedro Medeiros, Lena Raine, Kevin Regamey, and more friends. Won awards at IGF, The Game Awards, DICE, the GDCAs, and more.


Celeste Classic

w/ Noel Berry

Released: 2015-07-21
Bouldering Platformer

Noel and I made this mountain-scaling platformer in four days, for the wonderful PICO-8 fantasy console. I handled design and audio while Noel took care of code and art. Creating this little game inspired us so much that we decided to create a full-size game with the concept!


TowerFall Dark World

Released: 2015-05-12
Archery Expansion

A huge expansion for TowerFall Ascension. Adds new powerups, variants, stages, characters, and even an all-new 4-player co-op mode. Released as DLC for TowerFall Ascension. 9.5 out of 10 from Destructoid.


Chaos Heart

Released: 2014-08-25
Comedy Action

A silly game about an astronaut and the ancient evil sword that drives her mad. Created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 30. Placed 7th Overall in the jam, with 2nd in Audio and 3rd in Fun. Made with Noel Berry, Amora Bettany, Pedro Medeiros, and Ashly Burch.


TowerFall Ascension

Released: 2014-03-11
Archery Combat Platformer

The complete release of TowerFall. We spent 9 months polishing and expanding the multiplayer battles while building out the new Quest mode. The culmination of my work in local multiplayer design. Created with Pedro Medeiros, Amora Bettany, Alec Holowka, Kevin Regamey, and Jeff Tangsoc. Received a 10 from EGM and 9.5 from Polygon. IGF 2014 Finalist. PS4, PS Vita, XBox One, and Steam.



Released: 2013-06-25
Archery Combat Platformer

An archery combat platformer for 1-4 players, based on the local multiplayer classics of my youth. Best played cross-legged on the floor within punching distance of each other. A critically acclaimed OUYA launch title, we continued development and it eventually became TowerFall Ascension. Selected for the PAX 10 and named Polygon's #3 Game of the Year for 2013.


Planet Punch

w/ Alec Holowka

Released: 2013-04-16
Star Boxing Adventure

Punch your way across the universe as a rogue star with planets for fists. Obliterate all life, battle God Himself. A collaboration with Indie House roommate Alec Holowka. Published by Adult Swim Games. I don't understand how this got made, but we had a lot of fun with it.


Ra Ra

Released: 2012-04-22
Extreme Star Boxing

Two-player versus extreme star boxing. Grab a friend you want to punch in the face with a planet. Use WASD/Arrows to move through space, swinging your orbiting planets. Position your aforementioned satellites to block, jab, and uppercut your opponent in a bitter fight to the death. Developed entirely in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 23. Won 1st place in the "Fun" category.


Fat Wizard

w/ Chevy Ray

Released: 2011-07-07
Culinary Strategy

You are the fat wizard, you're in possession of a prime dragon egg, and it's time to make an omelet. Use your three attack spells to defend the egg for as long as possible from monsters. Add food to the omelet for bonus points. Find and equip rare artifacts. A collaboration with Indie House roommate Chevy Ray Johnston. Published by Adult Swim Games.


Give Up Robot 2

Released: 2010-09-16
Grappling Platformer

Escape and fight back against your robot overlord. Tons of new gameplay elements, improved physics, boss battles and more. 60 normal levels and 12 hard. Published by Adult Swim Games. I'm really really happy with this one - it was even named "Indie Game of the Year 2010" by Gamasutra!


Give Up, Robot

Released: 2010-05-06
Grappling Platformer

Use your grappling hook to navigate a sadistic disco obstacle course, while enduring taunts from a mysterious, autotuned robot voice. 50 normal levels and 11 hard. Published by Adult Swim Games.



w/ Tom Sennett

Released: 2009-10-01
Race Around the World

RunMan: Race Around the World is a collaboration of epic proportions with Tom Sennett. It's a game about loving life and running really fast.


Broken Cave Robot

Released: 2009-08-30

You are a damaged robot with a dying battery and no idea where to go. The map you draw is saved and you begin with it on your next play. This was my entry for Ludum Dare 15, and was developed completely in 48 hours. Won 2nd place overall in Ludum Dare 15, and was the top rated game in the "fun" category.



Released: 2009-07-02
Gentleman Platformer

Sir Reginald MoneySeize II, Esq. must collect coins to fund construction of the tallest tower in the world. Jump through stages ranging from simple to ridiculously difficult in your quest to find all 1010 coins. Features 50 stages: 40 regular and 10 secret. Sponsored by Kongregate.


Jumper Three

Released: 2008-08-20
Tagteam Platformer

Guide Ogmo in his search for a home on a myserious planet. Over the course of the game Ogmo will split into five seperate forms with different abilities, and you'll have to switch between them to overcome the many obstacles in your path. Features 50+ stages and USB gamepad support.



Released: 2008-03-19
Physics-y Platformer

A physics-based platformer with 80 stages. Two player co-operative play is included. A third player can jump in at any time, using the mouse cursor to drop bombs on the stage in an attempt to disintegrate the other players. There is a level editor and stat tracking, as well as other unlockable features.


An Untitled Story

Released: 2007-08-26

In An Untitled Story, you begin as an egg in your nest, and the rest is up to you to figure out. Fight 18 unique bosses, traverse a huge game world, and unravel a mysterious storyline. There are 5 different difficulty options for players of varying skill levels. Also included is a multiplayer capture-the-flag-style Heist mode. Hook up a USB gamepad before starting!


Hold Off Red

Released: 2005-07-11

My first attempt since Jumper to make a non-platformer became this quick, arcadey side-project. Shoot at enemies from your fixed point in the center of the screen, trying to defeat them before they reach your heart. Gain level-ups as you fight to increase your strength, and rack up kills without being hit to score combo bonuses. Unlock new game modes, special attacks, and more as you play.


Jumper: Redux

Released: 2005-01-03
Remake of a Platformer

I remade the original Jumper game, with help from friends MochaMan (sfx) and BBaller (graphics). There's a whole set of new levels, a practice mode and even an online multiplayer race mode!


Jumper Two

Released: 2004-06-18
Really Hard Platformer

As my programming skills improved, so did Ogmo's physics. Use the new wall jump and skid jump, along with the trusty old double jump to make your way through 60 new stages. There are ten unique worlds to get through, and a wacky storyline. Also included is the Jumper Two Editor, a tool which allows you to create, play and share 10-stage sectors.



w/ Dex

Released: 2004-05-11
Dimensional Platformer

2004 was a busy year for 16-year-old me. After Jumper, I teamed up with fellow Game Maker-user Dex to make Dim. It's sort of like Jumper, but with Link to the Past-esque dimension switching, bosses, a map system, and more. Not sure how we made it so quickly, actually.



Released: 2004-02-11
Really Hard Platformer

Not my first game, but my first worth mentioning. Made with Game Maker when I was sixteen, Jumper was a minimalization of the platformers I loved as a child down to their most basic concepts, making them simple enough for me to emulate. Help Ogmo escape the abandoned lab in this incredibly difficult platformer.